Build Your Business Online

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There are many tools and resources available today that I could peronsonally not do without. These tools help me create the content you see on the site. This page will be updated regularly as I find more useful tools and resources to benefit you in building your business online.

Most Recommended

Lead Pages

If you are doing business online and looking to convert your readers into customers, Leadpages is the tool you need. Whether its LeadPages®, LeadBoxes®, LeadLinks® or LeadDigits® their platform offers powerful tools that make building your email list that much more effective and efficient with high-converting and engaging landing pages.


Video editing can be quite complicated, especially if you are just getting starting. Screenflow has a simple-to-use interface that makes editing video seem less complicated.


You are more than likely building an email list. If you not, I'd highly recommend you start. There are many email providers to choose from and if you are just starting out, you are more than likely looking for a cheap, if not free solution. Mailchimp is great place to start. It's offer inlcudes a free solution for up to 12,000 emails per month with no more than 2000 subscribers. They also offer paid solutions. Check them out.


If you are just starting out and looking for a good and reputable hosting firm, Bluehost is the choice. Get Bluehost through my affiliate link today for only $3.95 per month.

Content Discovery Tools

Feedly - Feedly is a great place to discover content that is of particular interest to you and your audience. They also have a mobile app which makes it real easier to discover content on the go.

Buffer - If you are finding it hard to regulary post to all your social profiles, I highly recommend you give Buffer a try. The platform allows you to add specific feeds for the sites that you follow most.

Realtime by Bitly - Bitly is not only a great platform to shorten your links, they also have a fantastic dicovery tool that allow you to tap into the Bitly community to see what is being share in real-time.